Welcome – Art and Science Immersive Media class!

I’d like to first introduce you to the faculty and staff for the class. The TA
for the class is Karina Tovar, a current graduate student in the SIM program.
Lina Maria Giraldo is our live event project manager and an alum of the SIM
program from 2006. I am Nita Sturiale, faculty of record and general cheer

I, for one, am really looking forward to this semester. We have before us an
incredible opportunity and I’m super excited to share it with you. We will be
producing a 45 minute show of video, performance, and sound to be presented to
the public inside the Boston Museum of Science Hayden Planetarium in June.
There are many details that we will introduce and process on the first day of
class but I wanted to get started right away with some pre-thinking. We have a
very short time to develop our concept and produce a live multi-media
performance at the planetarium. The possibilities are as vast as the universe.
In order to make our challenge more manageable, we’d like to get some feedback
from you.

Firstly ? What can you do?
– What video editing software are you practiced in? Can you do composite video
editing? Do you know how to use Maya? Animation?
– What audio editing software are you practiced in?
– Can you draw?
– Are you a good writer?
– Can you design and print marketing materials?
– Are you an actor? Mover? Performer? Sound-maker?
– What other skills do you have that could contribute to our project?

Secondly ? What are you curious about?
We will be dividing the class into 4 working groups that will each produce a 10
minute section of our event. Within those 10 minutes the sky is the limit and
we’ll need to intertwine these four sections into a holistic whole. Here are
some conceptual seed ideas:
– evolution
– perspective
– climate change
– new worlds

These are my ideas. I want to hear yours. We will further process this on our
first day but we’ll need to hit the road running so I want to get started now.
Please send along your ideas.

Please answer this email with answers to the two questions above ASAP!

Finally! We have a blog for our class http://www.massartsci.org. One of your
assignments will be to post your ideas, images, descriptions of your creative
process, your sketches, etc. on a weekly basis. There will be many folks
watching us (this is a very sexy class) and we want them to all come to the
show. This blog will educate our audiences as well as ourselves. You will each
have an account on this blog and will be able to post entries.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, ideas…

See you at 5 pm on Sept 23 in the Pozen Center.


Nita Sturiale
Chair, Studio for Interrelated Media
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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