What can you do?

I asked the students to also report on their skill sets –

– What video editing software are you practiced in? Can you do composite video
editing? Do you know how to use Maya? Animation?
– What audio editing software are you practiced in?
– Can you draw?
– Are you a good writer?
– Can you design and print marketing materials?
– Are you an actor? Mover? Performer? Sound-maker?
– What other skills do you have that could contribute to our project?

Let’s use this thread to get a better sense for everyone’s skill sets. This will help us build teams that compliment each other, are well-balanced and productive.

2 thoughts on “What can you do?

  1. Jason from the Charles Hayden Planetarium here.

    If you are a 3D animator but work in a different software than Maya; such as Blender, Cinema 4d, Softimage, 3ds max, or such… Then please mention the specific software. There is always a way render for fulldome.

    If your a video guru, please mention your software of choice. Experience with After Effects is preferable.

    I’ll discuss the different approaches to creating fulldome visuals when we meet in person.

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