Planned Visits to the MOS

We have 6 visits planned to the planetarium in this order:

–       February 6th

Student will be introduced to the space, brainstorm ideas; the groups need to be decided based on the topics (evolution, perspective, climate change and new worlds).

> The goal of this meeting is to get familiar with the equipment, space, and capabilities.  Look into the potential of the space

Students will need to arrive before to 3:30 to watch the show.
Jason  fletcher, one of the 4 animators, is going to explain technical process,storyboarding and samples for dome projections.
Berred Ouellette who is  the soundtrack engineer, will give us a walkthrough his sound studio show samples and  give us a demonstration of the process.

–       February 27th

The students will have a mockup of the storyboard ready to be projected in the space.

>The objective is to determine if the concept and execution is likely to work.

–       March 13th (spring break)

Develop mockup based on changes from critique. Include video with sound and lights.

>The objective is to make sure the revised concept and execution is now viable in order to move onto the final production.

–       April 24th

First test run. We should have quick time, sound and lighting design ready.

> For the first time, the students will put together the finished product on site: lights, sound, projection and performance.

* Note: this is two weeks before the final test so everything should be ready, but we are expecting to make changes, corrections and modifications.

–       May 8th (dress rehearsal)

All pieces need to be totally done, and they need to be run from beginning to end as if it was the final presentation. No changes should be done to the pieces after this point.

–       May 29th/June 12th?? Public Presentation!!!

This date is not final. We have a tentative date of May 29th and June 12th. I’ll confirm the final date as I hear from the staff at the planetarium.

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