Stellarium, Free Open Source Planetarium Software

This is free for anyone who wants it. It’s an interactive and very detailed program that provides a vast amount of information about the night sky at various times of day and points on earth. I’ll probably bring it into class today to show it for real if there’s time. It’s a lot of fun to play around with, but i know that not all of what we’re doing has to do with space. But even just in terms of informational purposes and images it’s a useful tool.


Here is the link for the download:



-“Educational adventure game with the goal of introducing students to elements with a fun murder mystery.”

I designed the artwork for this game over the weekend @ MIT during the annual Global Game Jam. You basically create a functioning game over the course of 48 hrs all weekend, and pair yourself into a group of programmers/sound engineers/ artists/ and designers. My first Game Jam experience was a lot of work but I had an absolute blast and learned a ton. The even is open to anyone annually, so if your interested in attending next year as an artist its a great opportunity. Elementia is exclusively on Windows and can be downloaded & unzipped  here. To run navigate to the Upload folder – release – compiled – and open the tangle.exe file. Began as an educational game to help kids remember the periodic table, yet somehow turned into a content rich dialogue based title with chemistry puns..

Charles Hayden Planetarium in Boston – Review –

This was written in 2011 at the launch of new renovations done at the Planetarium. It’s useful to have some background about our new theater space!

Charles Hayden Planetarium in Boston – Review –

Though the Hayden in Boston is now billed as “the most technologically advanced digital theater in New England,” it does not pursue thrills for their own sake, or with some exaggerated notion of what is required to lure media-sodden children into space.

The show, instead, begins with a firm sense of place. And as it surveys the discovery of planets beyond our solar system, the old human-centered cosmos is never completely left behind: it actually motivates and guides the odyssey.”

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