The Title! Everybody talk about it!

During the PR Meeting we came up with two options for the title, “Sentient Flow”  and “Sentient”.

Since it was consensus that most people do not know want sentient means, I will give you the definition below, but also propose the idea to have an ink blot test (Rorschach test), which would form an abstracted brian as the background image for the post card/pamflet to further clarify.


[sen-shuhnt] adjective

1.having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.

2.characterized by sensation and consciousness.

3.a person or thing that is sentient.
4.Archaic. the conscious mind.
1595–1605;  < Latin sentient-  (stem of sentiēns,  present participle ofsentīre  to feel), equivalent to senti-  verb stem + -ent-
So tell us how y’all feel in comments or during the next class.

Art and Science of the Human Mind : The Beautiful Brain

The Beautiful Brain | Art and Science of the Human Mind : The Beautiful Brain.

This seems like a great website right up your alley!

“The Beautiful Brain explores the latest findings from the ever-growing field of neuroscience through monthly long-form essays, reviews, galleries, short-form blog posts and more, with particular attention to the dialogue between the arts and sciences. The site illuminates new questions about creativity, the mind of the artist, and the mind of the observer that modern neuroscience is helping us to answer, or at least to provide part of an answer. Instances where art seeks to answer questions of a traditionally scientific nature are also of great interest, and for that reason you will hear from artists as well as scientists on The Beautiful Brain.

Non-class March 27

So, for those of  you that wanted to meet at 4 this day, what did you want to discuss? Did you want to take a look again at your videos and critique? do research on the your topics? talk about the ticket pricing again?

several students will be meeting with Karina to get going on PR materials. and some will be going to MOS to meet Berred. Who will be left to meet at 4?

Please advise.


Class at MOS – March 20 2013


Testing video drafts in the dome tonight.  You can see the 3 groups in the dome player interface below. Jason has been renaming all the students files in an organized way so that he can keep track of each version. 2 out 3 groups managed to get there files uploaded to the class’ dropbox folder earlier in the day so that Jason could get everything downloaded in time for class.



Henry Miller on Creative Death

Some beautiful words below! I think all the groups can find some relation to this. The mystery of consciousness in a strangeloop universe…

Strange as it may seem today to say, the aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware. In this state of god-like awareness one sings; in this realm the world exists as poem. No why or wherefore, no direction, no goal, no striving, no evolving. Like the enigmatic Chinaman one is rapt by the everchanging spectacle of passing phenomena. This is the sublime, the a-moral state of the artist, he who lives only in the moment, the visionary moment of utter, far-seeing lucidity. Such clear icy sanity that it seems like madness. By the force and power of the artist’s vision the static, synthetic whole which is called the world is destroyed. The artist gives back to us a vital, singing universe, alive in all is parts.

And so the most creative type — the individual artist type — which had shot up highest and with the greatest variety of expression, so mush so as to seem ‘divine,’ this creative type of man must now, in order to preserve the very elements of creation in him, convert the doctrine, or the obsession of individuality, into a common collective ideology. This is the real meaning to the Master-Exemplar, of the great religious figures who have dominated human life from the beginning. At their further peak of blossoming they have but emphasized their common humanity, their innate, rooted, inescapable humanness. Their isolation, in the heavens of thought, is what brings about their death.

revised blurb

Unexplored Minds:


Our group strives to use an open ended narrative as a guide through a sequence of events taking place in the average life. The dialogue will be visualized through abstract imagery. The eclectic array of images will cause the audience to question the reactions they have as humans to everyday occurrences.

The Poster and PR,

I would like to organize a small group, maybe take one representative from each group to work on the poster. We would most likely only need a few out of class meetings. We would figure out the title of the show and how to represent the groups and basically do the PR work. After working out the technicalities we would present our work and see if we can get every one to come to a consensus.