Eventworks Event tomorrow! “Symbiosis, Science and Art”

April 6th Symbiosis
Pozen center, North building Massachusetts collage of Art and Design.
Join Eventworks in an afternoon of science fair themed art viewing.
We are hosting an experimental art exhibition set up in a science fair style. Each artist will be present to talk about their work, their tools and, their making process. The focus is displaying the interconnected nature of scientific development and artistic fields. Many artistic mediums could not exist without the development and aid of scientific discovery. Examples of this relationship is the development the printing press, assembly lines which created the ability for multiples, the invention of the digital projector and later development of projection mapping, computer aided design which has allowed the invention of 3D printing, laser cutters and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routers.
The exhibition will feature works that use both art and science to their fullest potential. Works to be exhibited will be sculptures, mechanical prototypes, mathematical models, soundscapes, biological studies and any other forms of work created through the use of both scientific and artistic method.

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