You’ve already done the work

As I read the reading responses SOME of you handed in, i’m struck by the fact the stories and content that might seem absent from the current state of the video (I’m referring to our conversations from last night’s screening) is already in your hands. Here are just few excerpts I pulled from the writing you did that I think provide some of the identifiable questions or scientific nodes that might provide the audience the help they need to take in the visual and sonic textures you’ve created. I think people are genuinely interested and intrigued by the questions others have. they want to know what drives you. You should tell them.

Any, all, part, or none of the below text could be read, could be animated on the screen, could be on a piece of paper on each chair… lots of possibilities:

Curiosity is elemental for the learning process because from it we expand and create. We base our ideas and knowledge on what information we have gathered over these milion years that, in turn, serve as the foundation of what is known to us and what is yet to be discovered­­ – a kind of nature that is constantly changing its shape and expanding.

Why do certain smells trigger memories of the mall I went to in high school?  Why do certain combinations of colors remind me of a car ride I took the summer after my senior year?

It always baffles me when I read and learn about the human brain and its complexities….Without memory there would be no consciousness….For a brain to be self-conscious, it must be able to think abstractly, question, predict, generalize, categorize, and reason.

Without death life wouldn’t have much of a meaning.

What’s the difference in memory editing, and being delusional?… Could we make up a whole life, with only a few small details holding us to reality?…. I enjoy thinking of our brains as these sort of treasure boxes, and I can hold onto your treasures while you hold on to mine.

The concepts of life and death have always been fascinating to me in nearly any context imaginable.

If nature can be everything, what does it mean to be engaged in nature? Does this mean that one is engaged in self-awareness?

I would love to see where we end up 500 years from now.