Perception Important information May 8th

Dear Perception,


Congratulation on your work! You have achieved a tremendous amount of work all the way from video to sound in a short period of time. You are very close to achieving what  you visualized in the beginning on your storyboard.


The next step is to polish what you already started for the final class.


For the final class you should upload a video and sound file separately so we don’t have any issues of aspect ratio and compression. The sound should be .wav and the


Here is the link to Jason’s explanation:



For this reason we need the two files in dropbox by Monday, so he has enough time to put them together. if you have any issues please feel free to contact me.


We need to make sure everybody is credited correctly. please take a look at the list and let me know if we are missing anything. For example who in your group did all the shooting?


Here is the link:


Last don’t forget to RSVP and invite your friends