Comments and Important date

Dear All,

Congratulations, you achieved wonderful videos in a short period of time. Now is the time to finish. Karina, Jason and I are making the final master copy for May 29th. This means I need the uploaded files .mov and .wav for MAY 17th.  No exceptions!!  If there are no new files, I will use the ones you presented on May 8th. Remember to make sure you are working on 30fps and make sure your sound and video match correctly, here is a link to Jason’s entry with the details:

Upload the files to “May 17” folder in Dropbox

Notes for each group

Creative Process:

You story and transitions  were very strong. I love the change of pace from a very colorful  and fast environment to a one more darker and deeper.  Since the beginning you were trying to explain what a spark of idea means in our creative process and you made it clear in your visuals. From a very slow start because of your technical challenges, you were able to make a vey successful piece!! Your sound editing and aesthetics were a good combination.

Below are a couple of small suggestions:


Check your sound sync.


The last frame has a slight jump. make sure it ends smoothly.



Great Job! You did a wonderful work from the beginning. Your mood board and story board were consistent and really helped you to shape a powerful final piece. Your imagery really helps to understand your story from what we perceive as how we process. I really enjoyed the sound!


You dynamic group was fantastic. Kelsey did an outstanding job making sure everybody was on track!!!!


Unexplored Minds:

You experimentation with material created a a real sense of unexplored and darkness which makes it interesting for the audience. The amount of layers in color in your editing is really good. Chip, thank you for the credits they were wonderful!! You should use the bold version of the font.


The biggest problem with the piece is that there no story – no beginning to end. Its and atmospheric piece within a storytelling format.


The lack of communication between the group members show in the results. Your group has so much potential and skills but these are getting lost in the process.


You need to solve a few elemental issues before next week. One of those is the differences between the sound and the lights with the video. The video that was shown the second time has compression and settings issues. The two black bars were very distracting on the screening so they need to be reviewed and exported correctly. If you send me your compression settings, I’d be more than glad to help.


The sounds has a lot of potential to enhance the video. They are both great but they are working separately.  Make sure to check your sound levels, some parts are extremely loud (remember we have kids coming to event).


The light installation is a great idea and I would love to see it woking properly, so here are the ground rules: Kerri and Megan, you need to rehearse it with your video at Mass Art. When we are the planetarium on the 28th, we are going two have two runs. You should set everything in 20 min staring a 4:15. At 4:40 we are starting our screening and there will be not interruptions.  The second run will be at 6:00pm . If by the second run we have any glitches or mistakes, we won’t go with the light installation.