1. – Weekly blog entries.
  2. Write poem inspired by natural phenomenon – DUE FEB 6
  3. Each working group creates a mood board of their concept – DUE FEB 13
  4. Each working group creates a story board of live event + dome video idea – DUE FEB 20
  5. Each working group creates an animatic rough that will be projected on the dome  – DUE FEB 27
  6. Each working group writes a description of their groups idea with at least one corresponding image (for PR materials) – DUE Mar 6.
  7. Mid-term Self-Evaluation – DUE MAR 6 –
  8. READ “A Pair of Connected Galaxies” by Donald Burgy  – we will discuss with the artist on MAR 20
  9. Choose and read one section from and write reading response – DUE APR 3
  10. Take on a specific role in creation and production of the final event and fulfill your duties connected to this role. In addition to the production groups, we will also identify a stage manager and a publicist team for the live event.
  11. Final Self-Evaluation – DUE MAY 8 –

More details to follow as they arise.

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