In relation to the class discussion on björk’s Biophilia album-app that dropped recently, figured I’d link to Thom Yorke’s new super-band Atoms For Peace – Amok album website that dropped last month as well. Album stream off the site visualizer or grooveshark.

The title of the band is inspired by a speech delivered by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower to the UN on Atomic Warfare. Read an article on the historical speech @ the Union for Concerned


A ferrofluid -portmanteau of ferromagnetic, and fluid) is a liquid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field.

Planning to order some on Amazon.

Despite being dangerous I really wish I could experiment with Mercury. Perhaps I’ll look around for a lab that would be willing to grant footage or something. Anyway exotic metals are very fascinating elements to watch. They look like a living breathing species

Remedios Varo

For stop motion 2 this year were animating a painting by para-surrealist  Remedios Varo. I’m a member of the special FX team and were going to emulate a smoke effect in the window probably using ink and water. The scene will include a puppet and a lot of interesting camera moves for the perspective shift. Varo’s work definitely utilizes a lot of surreal like elements but I can’t help notice how their seems to be a lot of mystical/scientific themes in a lot her paintings. There appear to be several astronomical references to the cosmos above. Check out some work here.



-“Educational adventure game with the goal of introducing students to elements with a fun murder mystery.”

I designed the artwork for this game over the weekend @ MIT during the annual Global Game Jam. You basically create a functioning game over the course of 48 hrs all weekend, and pair yourself into a group of programmers/sound engineers/ artists/ and designers. My first Game Jam experience was a lot of work but I had an absolute blast and learned a ton. The even is open to anyone annually, so if your interested in attending next year as an artist its a great opportunity. Elementia is exclusively on Windows and can be downloaded & unzipped  here. To run navigate to the Upload folder – release – compiled – and open the tangle.exe file. Began as an educational game to help kids remember the periodic table, yet somehow turned into a content rich dialogue based title with chemistry puns..