“The Last Pictures” by Trevor Paglen

“The Last Pictures” by Trevor Paglen

“Commissioned and presented by public art organization Creative Time, The Last Pictures is a project to mark one of these spacecraft with a record of our historical moment. For nearly five years, artist Trevor Paglen interviewed scientists, artists, anthropologists, and philosophers to consider what such a cultural mark should be. As an artist in residence at MIT,  the Massachusetts Institute Technology, he worked with materials scientists to develop an ultra-archival disc of images, capable of lasting in space for billions of years.”

This is a recent project that took place not very long ago. The images in the disc that was sent out into space will be in an exhibition that opens tomorrow, February 7, 2013.
More information about the exhibit:

An interview with ARTPULSE Magazine about the artist:  http://artpulsemagazine.com/%E2%80%9Cbut-i-could-be-wrong%E2%80%9D-interview-with-trevor-paglen