Class Wed May 8

Tomorrow night we will be meeting at the Science Museum for our final pre-show screening. We can’t enter the planetarium until 4:15. However, my hope would be that we are all there by 3:45 so that we can have a meeting before we do our screening.

We will screen our show starting about 4:30 – if all goes well we should be able to walk over to the California Pizza company for a celebration by 6:30!

Your final self- evaluations are due tomorrow – you can email them to me or bring hard copy tomorrow night.  This should not be a surprise – it was announced last week and is on the syllabus.  The link is here –

I will be leaving Massart by 3 with lighting equipment in my car, not sure how many humans I can also carry. I would plan to take the train but feel free to check in if you are stuck.

please let me know if you need more postcards and/or if you have good ideas of where to hand them out. We will be bringing a bunch to MOS tomorrow.


Class tomorrow May 1 at MassArt

Tomorrow we will once again screen your work but 2d style at Massart. Please make sure it is accessible via the drop box, on a hard drive, on youtube, or whatever.   We will also watch the publicity shorts that fabulous Karina has been making.

We will try to make some movement on the program as well as leave you some time to work.

See you at 3 in N181.


Next few weeks

Next Wed we had planned a screening of your work here at Massart anyway – how about we plan a potluck meal and celebration of your hard work then?

I know it’s early and you’ll have another week of work time – but you really should be mostly done by next week. The following week before the 8th *should* just be tweaking time.

There aren’t really many other possible days after that but I’m open to suggestions.

May 1/

  • WORKSHOP: in teams during class time.
  • CRITIQUE: Screening of final videos/presentations and critique.
  • MOS PR deadline.

May 8/

  • VISIT: MOS Planetarium for final test run of show.
  • DUE – Final Self Evaluation –
  • Friendly reminder – no course credit without both self-evaluations!


Class today April 24 @ MOS!!

We will be screening tonight at the planetarium starting at 4pm. Jason needs all your video and sound files in the drop box well before that so that we can get started right at 4. we will meet in lobby just outside planetarium at 3:45.  See you there! Can’t wait.

If you are having any trouble you really need to contact Lina, Karina or me, asap.