Class Wed May 8

Tomorrow night we will be meeting at the Science Museum for our final pre-show screening. We can’t enter the planetarium until 4:15. However, my hope would be that we are all there by 3:45 so that we can have a meeting before we do our screening.

We will screen our show starting about 4:30 – if all goes well we should be able to walk over to the California Pizza company for a celebration by 6:30!

Your final self- evaluations are due tomorrow – you can email them to me or bring hard copy tomorrow night.  This should not be a surprise – it was announced last week and is on the syllabus.  The link is here –

I will be leaving Massart by 3 with lighting equipment in my car, not sure how many humans I can also carry. I would plan to take the train but feel free to check in if you are stuck.

please let me know if you need more postcards and/or if you have good ideas of where to hand them out. We will be bringing a bunch to MOS tomorrow.


time to fill our seats!!

we have MANY available seats:

Please use the following blurbs for your twitters and FBs and wherever else you can think of:

#artscience immersive experience at Boston @museumofscience #planetarium by #massart artists + @[your name here] 5/29
Announcing “Sentient”, a full dome experience of ideas, light and sound created by MassArt students at the Boston Museum of Science Planetarium.
Wed May 29, 2 free shows, 6pm and 7pm

Credits – updated

Sentient Credits

  • Concept and Storyboards – Nicole Barron, Jesslyn Boisclair, Jenna Calderara, Kerri Coburn, Megan Dauphinais, Lila Debas, Nicole Dube, Greg (Chip) Dunn,  Stephen Kelly,  Esther Moon, Sam Okerstrom-Lang, Danielle Thibeault, Kelsey Trottier, Cole Wuilleumier, Alexandra Zanca
  • Produced by – Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • Words – Nicole Barron, Jenna Calderara, Lila Debas, Nicole Dube,  Stephen Kelly,, Esther Moon, Danielle Thibeault, Cole Wuilleumier
  • Original Sounds by – Kerri Coburn, Nicole Dube, Stephen Kelly, Cole Wuilleumier
  • Sound Source Material – Brendan Smith, Jacob Bohlan, Tom Fahey, Adam Blake
  • Cinematography –  Jenna Calderara, Lila Debas, Eric Freeman, Sam Okerstrom-Lang, Danielle Thibeault, Esther Moon, Kelsey Trottier
  • Animation – Nicole Barron, Greg (Chip) Dunn, Stephen Kelly, Sam Okerstrom-Lang, Cole Wuilleumier
  • Video Editing – Nicole Barron, Jenna Calderara, Jesslyn Boisclair, Chip Dunn, Stephen Kelly, Esther Moon, Sam Okerstrom-Lang, Cole Wuilleumier
  • Live Lighting Design – Megan Dauphinais, Kerri Coburn
  • Production Management  – Megan Dauphinais, Danielle Thibeault, Kelsey Trottier
  • Graphic Design – Karina Tovar, Alexandra Zanca
  • Technical Advisors – Max Azanow, Darryl Davis, Jason Fletcher, Eric Freeman, R. Berred Ouellette
  • Public Relations – Jenna Calderara, Megan Dauphinais, Lina Maria Giraldo, Danielle Thibeault, Karina Tovar, Kelsey Trottier, Alexandra Zanca,
  • Teaching Assistant – Karina Tovar
  • Senior Project Manager – Lina Maria Giraldo
  • Faculty Advisor – Nita Sturiale

Special Thanks:

  • Harris Barron
  • Donald Burgy
  • John Holland
  • Anna Lindemann
  • Dani LeBlanc
  • Elissa and Bill Warner
  • Museum of Science, Charles Hayden Planetarium
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation


Submit Video & Audio Separately

To simplify some ongoing issues, please give me the 1024×1024 quicktime video and the stereo wav separately. I will then combine all the shows into one big continuous piece and it will be a smoother experience in the dome.

Therefore it is imperative that you check the final video/sound syncing prior to giving it to me. So please drop the MOV and WAV into Final Cut or Premiere and test the syncing.

Explanation: Several groups are handing off the finalized video to the sound person. Then the video was getting its aspect ratio and fps adjusted since their sound software was  re-exporting it with different settings. Of course you should feel free to continue bringing the video into your sound software for editing/playing with sound, but then only export a wav for your final sound piece. The video should come directly from After Effects, Fincal Cut, Premiere, etc. And the audio should come directly from software of choice. If this is confusing, then we can chat in person to smooth it all out.