The Title! Everybody talk about it!

During the PR Meeting we came up with two options for the title, “Sentient Flow”  and “Sentient”.

Since it was consensus that most people do not know want sentient means, I will give you the definition below, but also propose the idea to have an ink blot test (Rorschach test), which would form an abstracted brian as the background image for the post card/pamflet to further clarify.


[sen-shuhnt] adjective

1.having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.

2.characterized by sensation and consciousness.

3.a person or thing that is sentient.
4.Archaic. the conscious mind.
1595–1605;  < Latin sentient-  (stem of sentiēns,  present participle ofsentīre  to feel), equivalent to senti-  verb stem + -ent-
So tell us how y’all feel in comments or during the next class.


with an intent to settle upon physicallity
we must pursue what settles in our sleep

it is the endurance of our animal
with eyes on the back of it’s head

two ovals of legendary nerves
with an anticipation taken for granted

interactive legacies should not be forgotten
for what it has is who we are

Perception Group Update

Hello all,

I have been appointed to be the wrangler for the perception group. The past meeting we had as a group I tried to capture all of our thoughts together so that I could pass them on. With that being said I wanted to let everyone in on what our group has been talking about and working on.


After meeting and discussing our ideas with one another we decided to focus in on three areas of perception; vision, sound, and time. We are not using these three topics as restrictions, but as starting points.

To get a rough sense of timing for our portion of the show we started thinking of the information we are portraying in sections. The first 1-2 minutes would be introducing perception and transitioning the audience into our topic. After this “intro” we would move into our 3 main categories, spending about 3 minutes on each and allowing time for transitions between these topics. This plan is not set in stone and is subject to change, we are using this as our starting ground. This timing is a rough parameter for us to organize our thoughts and information into our allowed amount of time. We do not want our 10-13 minute portion to seem like it is chopped up. Our plan is to keep a gradual flow and balance between the information we are relaying. 


In addition to starting a rough timing layout, we have also established elements we want and do not want to have.

A big part of our discussion revolved around the overall sound of our piece. We felt that in order to reach out and teach something to the general public there would have to be some form of narration. However, we do not want to be over narrative with this. We are planning to have our verbal information relayed to the audience in a poetic mannar. Also, we do not want to think of our sound in terms of background sound/music and voice overs, we want our sounds to be integrated  and heard as one sound. 

Part of our topic is on the perception of sound. We are going to play with the feeling of sound, as well as sounds that can and cannot be heard. Sound will not just be a “topic” we cover within perception, but a major sense that ties our whole piece together.

In addition to talking about sound, we discussed many visual aspects as well. We have a list of visuals we know we want to have. We are now working on further developing these visuals into our storyline. 

Lastly I wanted to address the mood board that is being put together. We are going to have a collection of images, text, and video clips, to capture the general mood we want to portray. This will be presented in class on Wednesday.


We look forward to meeting with the other groups and sharing mood boards on Wednesday!




Dream believers harness the power of nightly mind games

Interesting article on dreams, since we discussed it last class. Some people believe our subconscious minds can solve our more conscious problems.

Stellarium, Free Open Source Planetarium Software

This is free for anyone who wants it. It’s an interactive and very detailed program that provides a vast amount of information about the night sky at various times of day and points on earth. I’ll probably bring it into class today to show it for real if there’s time. It’s a lot of fun to play around with, but i know that not all of what we’re doing has to do with space. But even just in terms of informational purposes and images it’s a useful tool.


Here is the link for the download: