The Title! Everybody talk about it!

During the PR Meeting we came up with two options for the title, “Sentient Flow”  and “Sentient”.

Since it was consensus that most people do not know want sentient means, I will give you the definition below, but also propose the idea to have an ink blot test (Rorschach test), which would form an abstracted brian as the background image for the post card/pamflet to further clarify.


[sen-shuhnt] adjective

1.having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.

2.characterized by sensation and consciousness.

3.a person or thing that is sentient.
4.Archaic. the conscious mind.
1595–1605;  < Latin sentient-  (stem of sentiēns,  present participle ofsentīre  to feel), equivalent to senti-  verb stem + -ent-
So tell us how y’all feel in comments or during the next class.

The Poster and PR,

I would like to organize a small group, maybe take one representative from each group to work on the poster. We would most likely only need a few out of class meetings. We would figure out the title of the show and how to represent the groups and basically do the PR work. After working out the technicalities we would present our work and see if we can get every one to come to a consensus.


In relation to the class discussion on björk’s Biophilia album-app that dropped recently, figured I’d link to Thom Yorke’s new super-band Atoms For Peace – Amok album website that dropped last month as well. Album stream off the site visualizer or grooveshark.

The title of the band is inspired by a speech delivered by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower to the UN on Atomic Warfare. Read an article on the historical speech @ the Union for Concerned


A ferrofluid -portmanteau of ferromagnetic, and fluid) is a liquid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field.

Planning to order some on Amazon.

Despite being dangerous I really wish I could experiment with Mercury. Perhaps I’ll look around for a lab that would be willing to grant footage or something. Anyway exotic metals are very fascinating elements to watch. They look like a living breathing species

H264 codec preferences & DomeTester software

H264 codec
I think that final cut was havign problems exporting into the sorenson3 codec (the issue of blocking & reverse-color-pop for any crossfades).
— So lets just having everyone use the h64 codec. Hopefully this will fix the weird issue.
— Your settings might look different, but here are the basic preferences to guide you.h264-prefs


Don’t forget about this very helpful free tool. It projects your footage into a virtual dome.
— To use it: open the software, load your quicktime, and click/drag to move your perspective.
— Download DomeTester at the bottom of the page. Ignore DomeMod.


The Creative Process – poster
Here is a poster that has continued to refresh me. You can print it out at Kinkos to be 3 foot tall and only cost about $15 on their large format black and white printer.