Next Class!

Greetings all,

Tomorrow afternoon we will meet at MassArt in N181 and do many wonderful things.

3 – 4 We will take a look at your mood boards – you can bring them in physical form, on a hard drive, laptop, or flash drive, or we can look at a URL. I will have the projector ready for you. Bring whatever you can in whatever form. no time to waste!

4 – 4:45 We will finally get a chance to discuss this article:
So please review.

4:45 – 5 We will discuss the next step of storyboarding your group’s idea.

At 5,  you will have some time to work together in groups. You can stay in N181. go to the library, caf, your studios, as long as you can make it back to class by 7:15 to report on your progress.

Below you can get a leg up on the readings, I will assign during tomorrow’s class – see below.