Group descriptions

Creative Process

Exploring the trajectory of perception and creativity, we journey from the initial spark of inspiration though the synthesis and analysis of the brains left and right hemispheres. Our concentration addresses the ideas of abstraction through both visual and audible experimentations


We are creating a separation between what is ‘normal’ to us—seeing, hearing, and processing information in our brain. This separation is a moment where we get a chance to show people that their sight, vision, and perception of each, are so much more than just biological ‘tools.’

We will create an experience that will make the viewers live that moment of feeling ‘alive’ and conscious of their surroundings, followed by a sense that what is in their ‘sight’ is not a boring surrounding, but so much more. Our goal is to create a greater notion of perception and how it takes place in our lives.

Unexplored Minds

We aim to take the viewers on a sensory journey through the mind. Using image and sound we will capture the viewers attention and interfere with the path their thoughts take. We will use binaural beats and calming colors to sooth their minds and then loud noise and fast rhythms paired with enticing colors to excite them. Our show will make the viewers question why exactly certain things trigger the reactions they do. We don’t aim to explain the ways our minds work but rather raise the questions.