Class at MOS – March 20 2013


Testing video drafts in the dome tonight.  You can see the 3 groups in the dome player interface below. Jason has been renaming all the students files in an organized way so that he can keep track of each version. 2 out 3 groups managed to get there files uploaded to the class’ dropbox folder earlier in the day so that Jason could get everything downloaded in time for class.



Class #3 – Reading poems in the dome

What a great class! The MOS staff was super generous with their time, advice and support. For many of us it was the first time inside the Hayden Planetarium and almost everyone was able to read aloud their assigned poem.  The poems were beautiful and thought-provoking. The ideas are really starting to flow. Mood Boards on their way for next week!  I encourage everyone to post your poems here if you are brave enough. And please share any thoughts, observations, questions that will come up in the days ahead.


Jan 23 – First class!!

Jan 23/

Here we are watching DomeFest winners of the past on flat wall. Not exactly the real thing but we’re getting ideas. Can’t wait to get to the DOME!