Production and PR

This wednesday is our second visit to the planetarium.

After wednesday, we have three more working visits there:

March 13
March 20
April 24

The final test run:

May 8th

The final

May 29th

After the class on wednesday, depending on where you are on the production, I will email each group their respective timeline.

Below are critical points that you need to incorporate (I did mention some before).

– Narrative that works in 14 min

– Shot list

– Props for your performance

– Start timing your scenes, think about cues for your performance. When your  are done with your visuals start laying down your sound.

– Start creating a timeline for production. As I said before, we only have 3 more visits!!  Include shooting , Video editing, sound Editing, Composite, Animations and Rendering time

Please, if you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me.

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